Senior Photos

Senior photos capture a special point in life when a high school student transitions from teenager and begins their journey to becoming their future adult self. 

Some people are Instagram stars, youtube sensations and others are introverts who really don't want their pictures taken. We customize every experience to make it as fun and painless as we can. 

Be Yourself

We want every high school senior to be themselves, relax and enjoy the experience. They will walk away with photos they are happy with and that represent their true selves. 


Boise Depot

Freak Alley

Old Idaho Penitentiary

Kathryn Albertson Park

Any location you want from nature settings, urban, farm, barn or really anywhere you find interesting





Photo Selections

Typically within a couple days, you will receive a link to your gallery. This is where you get to pick your favorites. Once you have selected your favorites, just shoot me an email letting me know you are done.


I edit each of the selected photos to ensure you look your very best. My style is natural colors and realistic. I can make them more light and airy or even dark and moody if you choose. 

Typical things that get edited:


Every session will be delivered as high-resolution, fully retouched unwatermarked digital downloads.

You will have full rights to download and print your photos. Where you have them printed is your choice. I have run into issues with printing pictures at certain places, so I also offer the choice to order prints directly from your gallery. Prints ordered through the gallery are some of the best photo labs in the country. I get them at a discount and pass that discount along to you!